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For the apartment - 100 euros per night with up to 4 people.
Per room - 40 euros for 1 person,
20 euros for each additional person

Prices subject to change, depending on the season.


1. The apartment is spacious.
2. Located 3 minutes from the beach and beside the main square.
3. Cost effective – the minimum price of a hotel room in the area is 3 times more.


1. Shops (often with both Russian and English speaking salespeople).
2. Exchange offices and travel agencies.
3. The central square, which often hosts events and entertainment.
4. Parisian-style cafes.
5. Nearby is a huge elevator directly to the sea shore.
6. The beach is extremely clean, with clear water for swimming and water sports.
7. Beside the sea there are shady canopies and beautiful promenades for leisurely walks.
8. There is a large, bustling open market to the east to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, jewelry and various bric-a-brack.
9. Free parking is provided in the courtyard below the apartment building, should you wish to rent a car during your stay.
10. There is a bus stop directly outside the apartment building, in addition to train services and plenty of taxes.


Most tourists fly into Ben Gurion Airport
From the airport, you can take a train, bus, taxi or sherut to Netanya